My love of sailing started many years ago. 

The source... my Norwegian grandmother who raised me. She taught me many things in my first few years and told me that I needed to be self-sufficient because no one else was going to take care of me.

Let the adventures begin


Seafarer Yachts

Puffin a Swiftsure 33 was built in 1960 in Amsterdam Holland by De Vries Lentsch for Seafarer Yachts of Huntington New York 

The G is for Gerhardt who I got to spend an afternoon talking about  Their major yachts they built . He laughed and said they built them in a little back corner of the yard. built little over 100 before Faulker Aircraft finished the rest of the production

Puffin 1980 - 2000

The Puffin

The Puffin, not to be confused with the other Puffin's out there built by Seafarer Yachts of Huntington , New York

Came into my life in 1991 and was the start of adventure #3... I guess, but who's counting. AV # 1 was a wooden sailboat, which I had almost forgot about

1991 to infinity and beyond
Boats . Bikes . Babes

Boats . Bikes . Babes

This is a favorite carry-over from the old web site 

The past winner of the Ted Turner Lookalike contest

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